A Los Angeles gang leader meets a French woman, moves to France and becomes a world class vintner until he is caught committing murder. 

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Jesus Matta is a L.A. gang member who has to either skip town or face arrest by the police or violent retribution by his boss who he crossed and is scheduled to be released from prison. 

One Friday Jesus meets young woman at a Hollywood bar and after a weekend of sex and shopping they go their separate ways. Until, Jesus narrowly escapes a hit placed on him by his boss, for murdering Big 9, the father of Little 9. Faced with death or jail Jesus remembers Constance, the French woman he met a bar in Hollywood. He decides to take the quickest flight out of L.A. to Europe, where, with a different ID he can make a new life for himself. 

Jesus gets to France and arrives at the doorstep of Constance who remembers the sex, but not sure why this guys is at her doorstep. After a few days she allows him to stay a little longer because he is willing to help her brother and father in the vineyard. Jesus quickly realizes he not only enjoys being with the family but also the farming lifestyle. As it turns out Jesus is not a bad wine grower and the people around him see that in him. 

Time passes. The father dies and Constance becomes pregnant. Now, Jesus is the one planting crops, harvesting and bottle the wine. He is knocked sideways by the death of the father who he came to love, but was surprised when one day three men arrived at the farm demanding payment for a loan the father took out. Jesus tries to reason with them and make good on the loan but the men get rough with Jesus. Jesus's street skills kick into gear and he kills the three men. The French police and people in the French wine growing industry know Jesus did the killing but proving it is another matter. And as it turns out the killing the men turned Jesus into a hero by his colleges who had trouble with the mafia type men for years. It was a well-kept industry secret that these men were shaking down growers and taking their farms.

Not only is Jesus a good wine grower but he also has a face for television and is approached by the France Wine Growers Association to do a commercial promoting French wine to the rest of the world. Jesus agrees and becomes a famous and well respected face to the French wine industry. People love him for his wine and the commercials. They can't get enough of his advertising catchphrase "I love wine and I love France". He becomes a national celebrity.

What people don't know and what they don't find out until later is that Jesus's days of killing are not behind him. He goes on to kill a well respect but jealous vintner who tried to get over on him. Now, his piers become very Leary. They like that he is prompting the industry and making all them money but when he is around so are the pier's body guards who watch over them very carefully. People are scared.

Police suspect Jesus is behind the murders but his skills as a gang member in L.A. served him well in that he is able to keep one step in front of the law. Now, everyone is afraid of the man they once called "a loving man". 

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