Elijah is an American soldier who fought in the war in Iraq. One day, during a fierce battle when survival was uncertain he watched his soul walk away. Elijah survived the violent battle and returned home to his parents, girlfriend and mechanics job. But his life did not return normal. The scars of war left an imprint in his mind. 

In interviews with doctor's soldiers' who have been in battle have said that when a person's soul walks away it never comes back. 

Life for Elijah has become one of conflict between his family, his boss and drugs. At work the boss sometimes finds bottles of booze laying around the garage. At home the fights between Elijah and his girlfriend escalated and become more hurtful. His parents would like to get him help but Elijah pushes them away.

One evening in a fit of drunken rage Elijah destroys a shop front window and then steals a motorcycle, riding it away deep into the mountainous wilderness. Once in the mountains he discovers a cave which had been used by people just like him escaping society. Then one afternoon, he watches from across a river as a man his age puts a gun into his mouth and pulls the trigger. 

Elijah's inner conflict, a product of the war zone, is replaced by conflict for survival in a place where temperatures plummet into negative numbers and food become scares. He has also attracted the attention of a bear who senses Elijah's days are numbered. He fights to keep the bear away, but increasingly it become more aggressive.

Lucky for Elijah he is not the only person in his "wilderness of the lost". One day while hunting he discovers Silly Jill who escaped society long ago to live in seclusion. Jill maybe crazy but she can see what people like Elijah cannot. His bear is a figment of his imagination as it had been for many who came before him. Elijah understands, but in his mind he knows Jill is wrong. The day-to-day fight between the bear and Elijah continues until a showdown forces Elijah to once again fight to protect his life. In the ensuing fight he kills his bear and returns to society only to be arrested for theft of the bike. Then the healing begins. But, as soldiers say, the soul never returns. Elijah simply learns to live his life one day at-a-time.

Easter Rising

In battle a soldier watches his soul walk away. At home, he seeks solitude in the desolate mountains to regain what he lost in war. PAu 3-731-279