Kevin Peterson is the son of a famous Senator who had lined up a summer job for him as a forestry firefighter in Arizona working on a Hot Shot fire crew. 

Kevin grew up in a life of leisure. His father worried Kevin had never experienced hard work and thinks he will waste his life playing video games and going to parties. Kevin had agreed to take the job because his dad threatened to cut him off if he didn't.  So, Kevin drove to Arizona with the intent of getting to the job but then being fired so he could return home. 

Right away Kevin runs into problems with the tough as nails woman crew boss who doesn't care about his money or family connection. Behind his back and in front of him she refers to Kevin as "Bitch". Kevin finds that his complaints about his bosses and the crew go all the way up the chain of command but do him little good as his father left instruction to "make him a man". Henceforth, Kevin's nickname around the crew is Bitch. Over time it is a name he comes to embrace.   

The lifestyle of a forestry firefighter is tough. As time passes Kevin accepts his fate as a member of the crew and is welcomed by the others. The work is dangerous and the environment can be unforgiving but Kevin learns to embrace it. In Arizona, he meets a woman and they fall in love. One day the crew gets a call to a fire, but what they don't know is that it will be their last. On a wind-swept hilltop in the middle of a raging forest fire the crew is pinned down inside their survival shelters and all perish except Kevin.

Kevin's parents and his girlfriend both receive word that he was killed in the fire. Meanwhile, Kevin emerges from the ashes of the mountain still alive. However, his girlfriend, overcome with grief, had already jumped to her death from the top of a cliff. 

For Kevin the summer was over. He packed his clothes and returned home to deal with the loss. That winter Kevin continued working out, running and climbing mountains. To the surprise of his father and the forestry service Kevin shows up to the Hotshot crew the next summer and competes for an assignment to the most coveted position on the crew, Sawyer.

The son of a famous senator who is thought to have perished fighting a forest fire as a Hot Shot firefighter crewman emerges from the forest alive. 

Hot Shot Hill