In about the year of 1600 an exploratory expedition lead by Captain Gaspar De Portola of the Spanish Army set out with a group of soldiers from Baja California. Traveling by horse and foot they found their way north to what is modern-day Santa Cruz. On the expedition route two crosses were planted. One of which was planted along the Santa Cruz Creek. Captain Portola, who then returned to Mexico, first made a promise to his men that a galleon would arrive to relieve them of their duty of protecting the cross.  

But the ship sank in a storm and the men remained in Santa Cruz until death, still protecting the cross. The cross, although protected behind the walls of a fortress built by the expedition, was forgotten, and lost to history. In the year 2000 a Vatican researcher uncovered the expeditionary records which had stored deep in a basement vault of the Vatican. This cross was not just another cross. It was a historic relic from the Crusading period which was sent to the New World to establish a permanent presence of Christianity.

Vatican officials immediately organized a cadre of historians and scientists. The arrival of the cadre in Santa Cruz was confirmed. But were never heard from again. A second expedition was organized but again fell from contact. Now, the Vatican has put together an elite group of spies backed by a special forces unit with a mission to locate, secure and return this most important relic.

Upon arriving in Santa Cruz, the group located a castle where they were told the cross was stored. The spies entered the castle and were immediately pinned down by an enemy they could not see. The special forces group then launched a rescue effort wearing goggles that allowed them to see the ghost as they were fighting.

The soldiers eventually overcame the ghost soldiers and captured the cross, taking it out by helicopter through the castle roof. However, the ghosts followed the cross to a ship anchored off the coast of Santa Cruz and demanded its return to the castle. A special team of Vatican negotiators arrived and negotiated the surrender of the cross. Now the cross is on display within the walls of the Vatican for all to see. Still protected by the ghosts who chose to remain its protectorate.

Mission Santa Cruz

A group of Vatican spies is sent to bring back an ancient Christian cross thought to be lost to history but rediscovered in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. 

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