Super Human F.E.P. Model Series

Bought with a coupon and designed in a petri dish, JJ is the perfect man in every way except he can't love.

PAu- 3-713-826

JJ is a Super Human Fast, Efficient, Perfect Model Series human guy in nearly every way and he was born that way. In his time humans don't have to be born from man and woman. Instead JJ was designed in a petri dish made up in a lab in a local shop. His parents, who found a coupon in the neighbor's trash, ordered him up so he would be their perfect son in every way possible.

At the age of 18 JJ is the star quarterback at a university and everyone thinks he's great. He has a girlfriend who tells him she loves him and he believes it. There is just one problem. He can't love. That's right. Love is a gene and his parents used a coupon when ordering him from the Quickie Baby Corner, a store found at the edge of town. They got a great deal except the coupon did not come with the love gene. Now that JJ has someone who loves him, he wants to love her back. To do that means tracking down the out-of-luck doctor who whipped him up in the dish.

 After tracking the "good" doctor to a squalid trailer in the desert surrounded by car parts and many dogs, he is told that he must travel to San Francisco and find the purple house where he can, for a small fee, get the love gene. Putting football and school on hold, JJ grabs a bus for the big city where he finds that his journey is more complex. In his new environment JJ trusts strangers who lead him astray, which leads into shading situations that for this 18 year old mind from the Midwest is confusing.
JJ eventually finds the purple house where he gets the shot and then finds out he is wanted by the Police. The Love Police. The Love Police have heard of his self-discovery and are hot on his trail to rescue him from the dregs of society who want to take advantage. After being rescued from the clutches of sleaze, JJ returns home to discover the girl who told him she loved him had shacked up with a "real football player". He also learns that now that he has the love gene his perfection has worn away. Gone are the days of blow out university football games he was used to winning. Gone is the 4.0 grade point average accomplished with little study and the guys, girls and professors who swooned on his every word. Now, his fans want his head on a platter.

Once again the Love Police swoop in to the rescue, snatching him from an angry crowd that's closing in and into the arms of a woman who really does care.