Phillip was a marketing executive who returned home from a business trip to find he was out of a job and the bank about to foreclose. Oh, and his teacher wife was having an affair with a female student. His only salvation was his father, older but still very active and a healthy sexual appetite. On the plane coming back from his trip, he found an advertisement for an island. The picture looked beautiful and inviting.

Phillip's father passes away on the day before Thanksgiving and Phillip decides that the island he saw in the picture is where he needs to be. He drops everything in his life and boards a plane for the island. Upon arrival, he meets the woman of a Youth Hostel, named Ma'am, who needs a handyman to fix windows, pipes and anything else broken. Phillip takes on the job and finds himself befriended by his boss's daughter, named Bell, who is 13 and welcomes having someone else in the house besides mom who is always on her back.

Whereas before life for Phillip was boring and unfulfilling now he has a job he enjoys and people who like having him around. However, with the new lifestyle comes drama connected to the bitter feelings between his boss and a vengeful and unforgetting man named Dick Dick who isn't above trying to off his enemies with hand grenades or a hit-man.

Looking out for Ma'am and her brood is the sheriff who is the father of the Bell. Which is an unspoken open secret across the island because everyone knows Ma'am is gayer than an LGBT rainbow. That is to say, men are definitely off her dating check sheet. The sheriff keeps close tabs on Dick Dick who is fond of a particular hit-man who he has hired to off Ma'am. On the morning of the hit, the hit-man comes down with appendicitis and wakes up in the hospital with his appendix fixed but also a leg missing. While the sheriff is aware of the missing leg, benefit to being golfing partners with the surgeon, what he doesn't know about is the entire plan to kill Ma'am. What he did know was that the killer was to jump out of a tree and shoot Ma'am. What the killer won't be doing now is jumping out of any trees.

At the end of the year, Phillip gets a surprise phone call from his old company who has asked him to come back to work. Grudgingly, Phillip returns to his old life as a corporate VP only to find out he didn't miss anything about it. What he really missed was Ma'am, Bell and his job as the official Youth Hostel Handyman. 

An out of work corporate VP in a childless failing marriage and underwater mortgage moves to an island where he becomes a handyman to a youth hostel and a father figure to the 13 year old daughter of the boss.

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The Year of Mr. Fixit