Hailie Beckius is an Intelligence agent with Vatican Intelligence with many years of experience successfully managing intelligence operations. Vatican officials summon her to accept a new mission in Santa Cruz, California, to find an essential historical artifact thought to be lost to history. This cross was first used in the Crusades (1090 AD) and later sent on an exploration expedition by a famed Spanish Army Captain, Gaspar de Portola. This expedition (1700 AD) traveled from Baja California to the Northern California area of Monterey.

Hailie, after some trepidation, accepts the mission and assembles a team of spies who are teamed with a commando unit. Together the team boards a ship in Spain and sails to Monterey Bay, California. Once on land, the spies spread out to identify the location of the cross. They discover the cross is in a castle in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

So far, so good. The cross is located, and now all the team must accomplish is retrieving the cross from the castle to the ship. The team enters the castle and is confronted by a powerful invisible force that causes casualties among the party. The team discovers the cross is protected by members of the Spanish expedition who were left behind and are now ghosts.

The team quickly exits the castle and returns to the ship to replan. Hailie decides more resources are required and contacts the Vatican. The team now uses Remote Viewing to remount an all-out assault on the castle with helicopters and commandos.

The assault bears fruit as the cross is located in a basement room and carried to a room at the top of the castle. Earlier, the roof of this room was blown open with explosives, so a helicopter could now lower ropes. The cross is connected to the ropes and flown to the ship.

After the Vatican team secures the cross, the Spanish ghosts confront the group on the ship. A negotiation ensues between the ghosts and the Vatican to take the cross to Vatican City. The ship then sails to Italy, where the Spanish ghosts continue to protect the cross now on display in Vatican City. 

Mission Santa Cruz

Hailie is a Vatican master spy tasked to lead a group of spies and commandos to a Northern California coastal town to locate an ancient Christian artifact first used in the Crusades but thought to be lost to history. WGA 2054567